Studio Rates

Recording / Capture - $35*

Editing and Mixing - $250**

  • Flat rate per song***. Includes editing and initial mix plus up to 3 revisions. Tracks do not have to be recorded or captured at EG Studios. Message us for further info.

Analog/Digital Mastering - $100**

  • Flat rate per song***. Songs do not have to be captured, recorded or mixed at EG Studios. Message us for further info.

Studio Musicians - Prices Vary

  • Need help finishing your song?
  • Don't have a band yet but want to get your songs out?
  • Want help in producing an awesome demo to help the search of finding the right band members?
  • Or just a singer-songwriter looking for a back up band or vocalist in the studio?
  • We have Studio musicians available to help you out.
  • We can also help with producing your songs to take them to the next level.

      Discounts and package deals are  available on our services for larger projects. Studio Instruments and amps are available for recording sessions. Prices and services are subject to change without notice. All projects require a 50% deposit. Any and all deposits are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Tracks do not have to be mixed or mastered at our studio. Stems available within 2-3 business days of session in any format with a $50 delivery and processing fee per session. 

** Tracks not recorded in our studios have a processing and delivery fee of $25 per song. 

*** Songs exceeding 5 minutes will have an additional fee of $25 per minute.